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 Community Action Diversity & Inclusion Creed

CAI Diversity and Inclusion Statement 

We recognize that we are part of a broader, diverse community and that this impacts our responsibility to our participants. We believe that culturally diverse teams yield more creative, synergistic and effective outcomes. We believe that attracting, developing and retaining a base of employees that reflects the diversity of our customers is essential to our success.

We embrace the opportunities that exist when we strive for inclusiveness. We are also willing to accept and address the conflict that arises as a normal part of existence in a diverse environment in order to work towards acknowledging, addressing and confronting our differences positively. We recognize that the development and maintenance of a multicultural organization is a journey not a final destination so we are prepared to learn and grow as issues emerge.

CAI Diversity and Inclusion Expectations

Inclusion is the process of involving and valuing all people in an environment regardless of their differences. Inclusion requires a proactive strategy that reflects a conscious decision to respect individuals by affording them the opportunity to become a valued part of the organization.

In order for inclusion to occur, the environment that is created must reflect these values and those that promote cohesion, as well as equal physical and social access.

  • We have a written anti-discrimination policy approved by the Board of Directors.

  • We have a written diversity and inclusion statement approved by the Leadership Team which will be provided to all staff and presented in each CAI business location.

  • Our Executive Director has 1) articulated a case for why greater diversity is important to the organization’s mission and performance, 2) ensured that strategies are in place that strengthen the diversity of the workplace and build an inclusive work environment and 3) dedicated to obtaining the proper resources necessary to achieve results.

  • We ensure that racially and ethnically diverse candidates are considered for all job opportunities in the organization to the greatest extent possible.

  • We seek out and employ best practices in recruiting, hiring, managing and recognizing diverse employees, and eliminating attitudinal, behavioral, physical and procedural barriers to diversity.

  • We implement human resources policies and practices for employees that support a fair workplace, including clear goals and expectations for employees, orientation to the organization and their role, rewards and recognition based on merit, supervisors who provide coaching and feedback on performance, and opportunities for development and advancement.

  • We frequently evaluate our organization’s successes and opportunities in implementing and improving on best practices for a diverse workforce, and are committed to the value of diversity as an ongoing process rather than a task to accomplish.

  • We will report to our board of directors annually on performance toward our diversity goals.

We will publicly share a report of our performance including the diversity of our board of directors and staff each year to demonstrate our commitment to improving the diversity of the nonprofit sector.
Individual Roles and Responsibilities
Each member of the CAI team, whether a Board member, a manager, receptionist or weatherization worker, has a key role and corresponding responsibility in transforming the organizational culture so that it more closely reflects the values of our diverse workforce. Each individual has a responsibility for the following:
  • Commit to individual, ongoing learning and accept personal responsibility for learning about other cultures
  • Seek self-awareness, in terms of understanding your own culture, identity, biases, prejudices, and stereotypes
  • Develop an understanding and acceptance of managing diversity concepts
  • Demonstrate the courage to practice conversations and bring true curiosity to that practice
  • Recognize that diversity is threaded through every aspect of our operations and work and must be an ongoing agenda item in our organization
  • Be willing to challenge and change institutional practices that present barriers to different groups
  • Be willing to be honest about our history and challenges and be open to creating a new future


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