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Community Action, Inc.

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By reducing poverty's negative impacts, 
we make our communities a better place to live for everyone.

 Five Things That Set Us Apart

  1. We secure and invest more resources to fight poverty in Rock & Walworth Counties than any other not-for-profit organization. Each year, we invest approximately $10 million in our communities.

  2. We are a 100% local and independent organization, with entirely local leadership who are focused on our communities’ unique local challenges. No national parent organization sets our agenda.

  3. We help people by empowering them with opportunities to help themselves; focusing on long-term benefits, not quick fixes.

  4. We provide people and our communities with solutions to a wide spectrum of poverty problems, rather than focus on one single issue. To achieve this, we offer several programs in Rock & Walworth Counties.

  5. By reducing poverty’s negative impacts, which affect us all, we make our communities a better place to live for every person in them.


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