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By reducing poverty's negative impacts, 
we make our communities a better place to live for everyone.


 The Merrill Housing Initiative

Merril Houing Initiative
About the initiative:
The Merrill Housing Initiative; is an affordable homeownership project that began in 2007 when Community Action purchased 20 vacant neglected rental properties in the City of Beloit. The houses are located in the Merrill Neighborhood, a diverse community with a rich history in heart of the city. Community Action is currently working to rehabilitate these homes and has partnered with other local efforts to develop the neighborhood. The goal is to create a place that is economically thriving, able to celebrate its diversity, and is safe for working adults and families. Once the work is complete, the refurbished "like new" energy efficient properties, are then sold to low and middle income families with the goal of having more owner occupied homes and revitalizing the neighborhood.


1411 Dewey Ave., Beloit, WI $45,000 - Click here for full listing of this beautiful home!
Contact Beth Hanthorn with Century 21 to inquire on purchasing.

Completely "like new" homes! Featuring "New" appliances, electrical, furnace and more!

For more information about buying a home,
please contact:

Beth Hanthorn at 608-346-8189
click here for email


John Ramstad at 608-313-1335





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